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Welcome to our world!  The shoe links above,  "Shoe Catalog"    displays only a partial inventory   of   women   shoes   in our   Spring/Summer   2009   line-up   and the   shoe link   "How To Order"  provides information on how to shop with us, along with  a  Toll-Free  and  FAX phone number for submitting orders.  Please feel free to click on the   "Order Form"    link and print a copy of the form for preparing your order or use the   "E-Mail Order"   link to submit questions or an order via the web.   Whatever your preference for submitting your order, detailed instructions for each method to process your order can be found by clicking on our  "How To Order"  link.

Our speciality in itself is unique because we specialize in ladies hard to find large  size  shoes of 10 - 14 in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths only.    We do not offer a mail order catalog, only our online catalog which is featured here for your shopping convenience.  Please take a moment to check out our designer and stylish shoes that we offer our customers at discount   prices.    While browsing our collection of fashion essential shoes for your wardrobe, let us take pride in saying that the   in our name makes a bold statement about our large size shoes that we proudly fashion:

                  OPULENT designs and styles ! ! !

                            UTRAGEOUSLY beautiful footwear ! ! !

                                        UTSTANDING price and value ! ! !